Simeon Shi Wen Jia 石文佳

Simeon has complex spina bifida which resulted in hydrocephalus. A shunt was successfully placed in October 2012, and his head is now growing normally.

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Thomas Hou Jikun 候吉坤

Thomas arrived at Shepherd's Field on August 29th, 2016. He has a congenital disease that was passed from mother to baby, which is now cured. He resides in House of Love.

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Tyler Rao Han Dong 饶涵东

Tyler has muscular dystrophy, and is getting progressively weaker.

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Wes Ling Wu Dao 灵婺道

Wes has cerebral infarction and fever seizures.

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Xander Guang Fu Jun 广福军

Xander has autism, which makes many things difficult for him.

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