Mico He Qianpei

Mico has cleft lip and palate, and her lip repair was completed successfully.

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Morris Zhu Zhenwei

Morris (Moe) Zhu Zhenwei arrived at Shepherd's Field in April 2016. He has congenital right ear atresia with absent external auditory canal. The left ear is normal. Moe also has facial asymmetry, w...

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Naomi Li Ying Xin

Naomi arrived at Shepherd's Field when she was 3 months old. Her history is unknown, but she has neurological deficits and appears to be both deaf and blind. Naomi had her ABR hearing test in Janua...

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Olive Zhang Rongxuan

Olive is a sweet girl who is already winning hearts. She has hydrocephalus, and resides in House of Love.

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Richard Xie Min Yu

Richard has partial paralysis on the left side affection the left hand and foot. His right hand is functional and can grasp things. He walks with a limp and has left foot toe-walking. He has some s...

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Russell Song Yiping

Russell (RJ) Song Yiping arrived at Shepherd's Field in August 2017. He has imperforate anus, and his initial colostomy was completed prior to his arrival. He recently had a second surgery to rever...

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Samuel Dang Liming

Samuel Dang Liming has club feet and a cognitive delay. He had surgery when he was 5 to correct his feet, and has made good progress. He is now able to walk, stand alone, and climb stairs unassist...

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Shawn Zhao Anzhi

Shawn arrived at Shepherd's Field on August 29th, 2016. He has Tetralogy of Fallot, which is a congenital heart disease, and imperforate anus. His initial heart surgery as well as his initial anus ...

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Shelby Liu Ling Ling

Shelby is cognitively delayed and her communication is limited. Her communication skills have improved some.

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Sid Zhang Qiang

Sid has cognitive delay and says only a few words. He is able to walk and gets around on his own. Sid can follow simple commands.

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Simeon Shi Wen Jia

Simeon has complex spina bifida which resulted in hydrocephalus. A shunt was successfully placed in October 2012, and his head is now growing normally.

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Thomas Hou Jikun

Thomas arrived at Shepherd's Field on August 29th, 2016. He has a congenital disease that was passed from mother to baby, which is now cured. He resides in House of Love.

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