Isaac Dang Meng Yang 党孟洋

Isaac has cleft lip and palate, as well as an inguinal hernia. Both the lip and the hernia have been repaired, and Isaac is growing well. His palate surgery will occur when he is ready.

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Jade Yang Jianmei 杨建美

Jade is a baby girl with ambiguous genitalia (the sex of the child not clear on physical examination). This appears to be the only special need. The examination is most consistent with female gen...

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Jason Hu Tao 胡涛

Jason has cerebral palsy diagnosis with spasticity of the legs. He needs to walk with a walker. He had prior surgery to his lumber spine to help with the spasticity. He is also somewhat delayed for...

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Jenna Hou Lichen 候丽晨

Jenna has a complex disorder called congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which was initially diagnosed and treated at Beijing United Family Hospital. This condition causes abnormal hormone production an...

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Lael Zhang Youqing 张又晴

Lael arrived on November 17th, 2017 and resides in Zachary House. She was premature and her development will be assessed.

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Leonard Ling Dai Wei 灵带伟

Leonard has osteomalacia (soft bones), and may also have cerebral palsy or a genetic syndrome. He is happy and alert, but has very floppy muscle tone in his core, and increased muscle tone in his a...

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Levi Han Qian Nan 韩乾南

Levi had retinoblastoma of his left eye. He has completed his chemotherapy and is doing well. The left eye needed to be removed, and his followup exams show he continues to be cancer free.

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Luke Tian Yi 天意

Luke has a single ventricle and pulmonary stenosis. A Glenn shunt was placed and currently functions well. Luke will need a future heart surgery.

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Lydia Yangxi Zi Nan 阳西紫楠

Lydia is mentally delayed with no verbal ability, needs assistance in eating, and is incontinent. Her face shows unusual features that may be related to a genetic syndrome. She had eyelid surgery f...

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Maggie Tian Xin Xin 天心心

Maggie has a complex heart condition including pulmonary atresia, ASD, PDA, and right ventricle hypogenesis. The shunt heart surgery done many years ago has allowed her to have adequate growth and ...

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Matthew Zhu Wenliang 朱文梁

Matthew (Zhu Wenliang) has been diagnosed with ASD, Atrial Septal Defect, a congenital heart defect. He also seems to have some developmental delay, and undescended testes. Matthew visually connect...

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Maya Dang Guang Ai 党关爱

Maya has cerebral palsy and some abnormal features which may indicate a genetic syndrome. She has been unchanged and continues to require total care. She is responsive when visitors speak to her an...

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