Charlie Shao Tiancheng 邵天诚

Charlie, Shao Tiancheng, has arthrogryposis (multiple joint abnormalities) affecting primarily his legs, feet, arms, hands, and fingers. He possibly also has a central nervous system defect. Charli...

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Cody Li Tian Long 李天龙

Cody is an outgoing, expressive boy with Down syndrome.

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Corey Song Yike 宋怡珂

Corey arrived at Shepherd's Field on July 4th, 2016. He had recently been abandoned and only speaks a local dialect, and has a limited understanding of Mandarin. He has a large mass on his neck tha...

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Ed You Kang 酉康

Ed was reported to have mental delay, but appears to have nearly normal motor and cognitive abilities for his age. His brain MRI and CT scan were reportedly abnormal, but they have not been repeate...

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Ethan Zhang Shuai 张帅

Ethan has Down syndrome and congenital heart defects including PDA (patent ductus arteriosis), PFO (patent foramen ovale) and tricuspid regurgitation. Prior to his arrival at SFCV he had open hea...

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Florence Guo Sifeng 国思凤

Florence Guo Sifeng has cerebral palsy. Her leg muscles are very tight, which makes it difficult for her to move - but she can stand and walk with assistance. Shortly after her arrival, Florence re...

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Flynn Zhao Anpeng 赵安朋

Flynn has severe pulmonary atresia, a large VSD, and MAPCA (multiple aorto-pulmonary collaterals). Also he has finger, hand and forearm deformities on both sides consistent with absent radii. Th...

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Francis Dang Guang Xin 党关心

Francis is hypothyroid and has been on medication since birth. He has some problems with leg weakness and slight difficulty with speech.

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Gloria Si Jin Hua 司金花

Gloria was recently found to have Proteus Syndrome which caused hyperplasia of the left leg and foot. It is wonderful to finally have a diagnosis and the specific medication for the condition is al...

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Graham Xie Min Fa 谢闽发

Graham has VSD, PDA, and other minor heart defects. A heart echo in December showed the same right ventricle double chamber defect, but the pressure gradient between the upper and lower chambers is...

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Hector Dang Guobu 党国部

Hector (Dang Guobu) arrived at Shepherd's Field on October 3. He was born with spina bifida, and had surgery as an infant. He has ongoing paraplegia in both legs, moderate scoliosis, and he is inco...

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Isaac Dang Meng Yang 党孟洋

Isaac has cleft lip and palate, as well as an inguinal hernia. Both the lip and the hernia have been repaired, and Isaac is growing well. His palate surgery will occur when he is ready.

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