Corey Song Yike

Corey arrived at Shepherd's Field on July 4th, 2016, and had minimal Mandarin language skills. He has a large mass on his neck that has not been treated, but is benign. We are tracking his tumor, a...

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Desmond Xu Kangzhong

Desmond arrived at Shepherd's Field in March. He has cleft lip and palate and has had surgery to repair his lip. He resides in Shanxi.

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Dustin Gao Wenjin

Dustin has unilateral cerebral palsy and resides in Inner Mongolia.

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Ed You Kang

Ed was reported to have mental delay, but appears to have nearly normal motor and cognitive abilities for his age. His brain MRI and CT scan were reportedly abnormal, but they have not been repeate...

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Ella Song Yuxuan

Ella has cleft palate and right ear atresia, as well as hearing loss. She has been fitted with hearing aids, and is adjusting to their use. Ella resides in Langfang.

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Flynn Zhao Anpeng

Flynn has severe pulmonary atresia, a large VSD, and MAPCA (multiple aorto-pulmonary collaterals). Also he has finger, hand and forearm deformities on both sides consistent with absent radii. Th...


Graham Xie Min Fa

Graham has VSD, PDA, and other minor heart defects. A heart echo in December showed the same right ventricle double chamber defect, but the pressure gradient between the upper and lower chambers is...

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Hanna Song Yicai

Hanna has congenital heart disease and is expected to have surgery this fall. She resides in Beijing.

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Hector Dang Guobu

Hector (Dang Guobu) arrived at Shepherd's Field on October 3. He was born with spina bifida, and had surgery as an infant. He has ongoing paraplegia in both legs, moderate scoliosis, and he is inco...

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Holly He Kangmeng

Holly has esophageal atresia and resides in Beijing.

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Ireland Kong Jingcai

Ireland was born with low birthweight. Her legs have high muscle tension which may indicate cerebral palsy. Her vision and hearing need further examination, and it is difficult to feed her. Ireland...

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Jackson Zhu Wenze

Jackson had plastic surgery on his fingers and will be receiving therapy to improve the function of his fingers. Jackson resides in Shanxi.

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