Aaron Hu Anran

Aaron has autism and resides in Inner Mongolia. Shepherd's Field is responsible for his medical and therapy needs.

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Carson Qian Anshun

Carson was born with a heart condition which has been surgically repaired. He is also hearing impaired, and has tubes in his ears. He currently does not speak. Carson joined Shepherd's Field in Jul...

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Jean Marie Kong Huangbei

Jean Marie resides in Zachry House and is post surgery for myelomeningocele, with a functioning VP shunt placed. She is quiet and snuggly, and now resides in Langfang.

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Anthony Han Qianjian

Anthony has a severe form of spina bifida called myelomeningocele and associated hydrocephalus. A VP shunt was placed to treat the hydrocephalus, but he continues to have delays. He loves moving ab...

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Aubrey Rao Xia Chen

Aubrey has a repaired complex heart condition, Tetralogy of Fallot, with some pulmonary valve deformity and regurgitation. She also has developmental delay and post-surgery clubbed feet. She recei...

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Beth Ling Wan Zi

Beth has developmental delay. She arrived at Shepherd's Field when she was nearly a year old and was very weak with poor head and trunk control, but her CT scan was normal. Beth now resides in Jian...

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Brody Hu Min Peng

Brody has Down Syndrome, and is a happy, determined guy. Brody resides in Fujian.

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Cathy Zhang Fang Hua

Cathy is very delayed and eating poorly. The medical testing confirmed she has tuberous sclerosis complex disorder. She has been taking a new medication that has provided some improvement. Cathy re...

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Charissa Ling De Ting

Charissa had a myelomeningiocele that was repaired before her arrival at Shepherd’s Field. She is also post shunt for hydrocephalus. She arrived with severe motor delay and was unable to spea...


Charlie Shao Tiancheng

Charlie, Shao Tiancheng, has arthrogryposis (multiple joint abnormalities) affecting primarily his legs, feet, arms, hands, and fingers. He possibly also has a central nervous system defect. Charli...

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Connor Jiang Jinghong

Connor has congenital heart disease, and had heart surgery prior to his arrival. He also had laryngeal obstruction surgery and gastrostomy, resulting in a tracheostomy tube. He currently needs nurs...

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Cora Kong Wenin

Cora is bright-eyed and interested in the world around her. She has hydrocephalus and receives therapy. She is post-surgery and needs medication. She resides in Langfang.

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