Cora Kong Wenin 孔文芯

Cora is bright-eyed and interested in the world around her. She has hydrocephalus and will be assessed for medical and therapy needs. She is post-surgery and needs medication. She resides in Zachry...

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Ella Song Yuxuan 宋宇轩

Ella has cleft palate and right ear atresia. She will be evaluated to see if she has any additional needs.

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Hanna Song Yicai 宋怡彩

Hanna has congenital heart disease and will be evaluated by our team to develop a treatment plan.

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Holly He Kangmeng 何康檬

Holly arrived on November 18th. She has esophageal atresia and resides in the House of Love.

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Lael Zhang Youqing 张荣轩

Lael arrived on November 17th, 2017 and resides in Zachary House. She was premature and her development will be assessed.

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Olive Zhang Rongxuan 张荣轩

Olive is a sweet girl who is already winning hearts. She has hydrocephalus, and resides in House of Love.

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Oscar Shi Yitie 石毅铁

Oscar Shi Yitie joined Shepherd's Field in June 2017. He has cleft lip and palate, and his lip repair was completed in August 2017. He is a delightful addition to House of Love.

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Russell Song Yiping 宋熙平

Russell (RJ) Song Yiping arrived at Shepherd's Field in August 2017. He has imperforate anus, and his initial colostomy was completed prior to his arrival. He will need a second surgery in the futu...

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Anthony Han Qianjian 韩乾健

Anthony has a severe form of spina bifida called myelomeningocele and associated hydrocephalus. There appears to have been no surgery prior to his arrival at Shepherd's Field, with the tumor mass ...

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Aubrey Rao Xia Chen 饶夏晨

Aubrey has a repaired complex heart condition, Tetralogy of Fallot, with some pulmonary valve deformity and regurgitation. She also has developmental delay and post-surgery clubbed feet. She atten...

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Axel Zhu Jingshan 朱景闪

Axel (Zhu Jingshan) arrived at Shepherd's Field in April 2016. He was diagnosed with Patent Foramen Ovale, but is doing well. He will have a follow-up heart echo in the future to confirm the diagno...

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Beth Ling Wan Zi 灵万紫

Beth has developmental delay. She arrived at Shepherd’s Field when she was nearly a year old and was very weak with poor head and trunk control. Her CT scan was normal.

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