Connor Jiang Jinghong 蒋景鸿

Connor has congenital heart disease, and had heart surgery prior to his arrival. He also had laryngeal obstruction surgery and gastrostomy, resulting in a tracheostomy tube. He currently needs nurs...

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Ireland Kong Jingcai 孔景彩

Ireland was born with low birthweight. Her legs have high muscle tension which may indicate cerebral palsy. Her vision and hearing need further examination, and it is difficult to feed her. Ireland...

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Jackson Zhu Wenze 朱文责

Jackson had plastic surgery on his fingers and will be receiving therapy to improve the function of his fingers. Jackson arrived in May 2018, and resides in Zachry House.

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Aaron Hu Anran 胡安然

Aaron is settling in well to House of Blessings. He may have autism and will be evaluated by our therapy team.

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Dustin Gao Wenjin高文锦

Dustin has unilateral cerebral palsy and will be evaluated by our therapy department. He is settling in well to House of Blessings.

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Jean Marie Kong Huangbei 孔黄贝

Jean Marie resides in Zachry House and is post surgery for myelomeningocele, with a functioning VP shunt placed. She is quiet and snuggly.

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Sarah Grace Ji Xinyi 吉欣艺

Sarah Grace is 11 months old and was born with congenital syphilis. She was treated at birth, and all subsequent blood tests have been negative. Sarah Grace enjoys her housemates in Zachry House.

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Zack Shi Wenli 施文黎

Zack is 8 months old and has hydrocephalus with an active shunt. He is happy in his new home in House of Blessings.

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Anthony Han Qianjian 韩乾健

Anthony has a severe form of spina bifida called myelomeningocele and associated hydrocephalus. There appears to have been no surgery prior to his arrival at Shepherd's Field, with the tumor mass ...

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Aubrey Rao Xia Chen 饶夏晨

Aubrey has a repaired complex heart condition, Tetralogy of Fallot, with some pulmonary valve deformity and regurgitation. She also has developmental delay and post-surgery clubbed feet. She atten...

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Beth Ling Wan Zi 灵万紫

Beth has developmental delay. She arrived at Shepherd’s Field when she was nearly a year old and was very weak with poor head and trunk control. Her CT scan was normal.

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Brody Hu Min Peng 胡闽鹏

Brody has Down Syndrome, and is a happy, determined guy.

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